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Top 3 Commodities For Investment

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What is a commodity?

Commodities are the raw materials or goods that are processed to make a product. Commodities trading and exchange might occur with other goods of the same quality. The commodities are processed to make the products that you bought.

Basically, there are two types of commodities to invest in. The first one is a hard commodity, and the second one is a soft commodity.

The hard commodities contain natural materials, precious metals like gold, etc. While the soft commodities in which you can easily invest are livestock and crops,.

Why invest in commodities?

The reason behind investing in commodities is that it becomes a hedge against inflation. Inflation hits the money differently with the ongoing time. The $10 may become less worthy after some time due to inflation. While investing in commodities is not affected by inflation, Petrol and electricity might become more valuable during inflation.

As stocks, bonds, and property are assets,  commodities are also assets. It helps in maintaining the portfolio of the investor. Diversification provides protection if any asset goes down; it might help to ensure the smooth flow of the investor’s portfolio. The commodities aren’t affected by high inflation, but they might be impacted by factors like weather and natural hazards.

For that reason, it is very effective to invest in commodities. The best commodities to invest in are:

1- Invest in crude oil:

Crude oil is basically referred to as black gold due to its role in our daily lives. Besides building different resources for people, crude oil is also transformed into an extensive range of everyday products. The crude oil is not just serving as a building block for plastic. Medicines and many more have become fundamental components of different industries.

The price of crude oil is affected based on the demand from people. If people demand crude oil, its prices go up, while when there is no demand in the market for crude oil, its prices drop. If there is any problem in the place where the oil comes from, the prices may be high.

You can invest in crude oil, but it isn’t as simple as buying something. Investing in physical crude oil is a little bit tricky. The investor can invest in crude oil through future trading, which means that it’s a bet between buyer and seller, but in this process, you should be very careful and seek some tips from experts. Investors can also invest in crude oil by buying stocks of oil companies. When the investor buys the shares, he actually becomes an essential part of the company. It’s like being part of a team without leading the whole business.

Another option that is also available is to buy energy sector ETFs. It behaves like packs, which contain different oil companies inside. It becomes more safe for the investor because, in this method, the money of the investor is spread out among different sectors. If a company falls down, it might not hurt the investor as much because of his other saved money.

2- Invest in Gold:

The gold market is very cool, and it is very well known in the world of investment. It is used in jewelry and technology, and it is also held by the central bank to attract international investors. Gold has a special place in the market due to its shine and its ability to hedge against inflation. You can bet that the price of gold goes up when the dollar price drops. Like crude oil, gold prices also depend on the demand of people and the decisions of big banks about their money slash. It looks like a golden ticket for investors who want reliable investments.

If the investor wants to own the gold, he can get it by buying gold bars or coins. But there should be a safe place to keep them. The other way to invest in gold is similar to crude oil; it’s like betting with another person, which is called a futures contract. Now the investor may invest in stocks and ETFs for gold. But when the investor buys a gold stock, he might be stuck with that company. There is also physical gold available, like SPDR Gold. The amazing fact about this gold is that there is no need to store it.

3- Invest in base metal:

Base metals are precious metals like gold, silver, etc. These metals also serve as building blocks for various industries: copper, zinc, nickel, and lead, which are the key players. These metals are not fancy, like gold, but are easily affordable by anyone. It’s very easy to find the base metal anywhere because it’s very common.

These metals are still very precious because of their use in manufacturing and construction. Its price goes up when a growing nation like China demands it.

The best strategy to invest in these metals is not to buy a bunch of aluminum, zinc, and lead because they can give less profit due to the continuous change in their prices. A better step could be taken; it’s like investing in a company that bought them and works for them. In this way, you can get a regular income stream and become a partial owner of the company. You can also invest in ETFs like SPDR and Mining ETFs. These types of ETFs allow you to invest in different metal companies all at once.

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